Where Did They Go? ~ Noble Abandoned Mansion of a Corrupt Family

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Life is a constant battle to create order in a world of disorder, humans are continually at war with every might force we call Mother Nature. The manor we are going to explore today has lost this battle after its caretakers lost their interest and rose to heaven. Once inhabited by a wealthy French family, consisting of a loving couple with 3 children, the place has been in the family for over 2 centuries and has been transferred from father to son. The family had their roots deeply strangled in the politics of the local Municipality. Their influence was felt throughout the region and many stories circulated around the town that the family was involved in corruption and bribery. Stories are just stories until they are proven, today I will take you inside of their abandoned Mansion and we will try to uncover the events that led up to its abandonment.

Are you ready for an intriguing adventure?

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