Where did they go? ~ Abandoned Mansion of a Wealthy Italian Family

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Around 2 centuries ago, the Italian Caleiro family started living and doing business in this area of the country. In the beginning, they were a simple farming family, eking out their existence on the land. This, however, changed over the years. As they ventured into other sectors of the farming business, their influence in the area grew, as did their wealth. In the year 1880, they decided to demolish their old small family home and build the grand estate we see today on the grounds with their own private church attached to it. They lived here in peace for over a century. The family was well-known around the area and, even though they remained farmers, they rubbed shoulders with the upperclassmen of the local society. But everything changed in 2015. By then, there were already only a few members of the family left behind, but for no apparent reason, the Caleiro mansion was completely abandoned. Nobody knows what happened to the family or why they left their grand estate behind. Today we are going to explore this mystery, relive the story of the Italian Caleiro family, and venture inside their forgotten mansion.

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