Unlock The Evil Of The Shadows: Visit The Abandoned Mansion Of Nightmares

Animation Generated by Artificial Intelligence 2.1 Model / PROMPT GENERATED BY GPT-3

About the video:

Are you brave enough to take a peek into this nightmarish world of shadows and dark creatures? Through the lens of a horror photographer, this video takes you on an unsettling journey of a haunted graveyard, with its crumbling stone statues, decaying trees, and eerie atmosphere. You’ll explore the abandoned mansion where something sinister and hidden lurks in the shadows. Get ready to be captivated by the muted grey color palette and foreboding gothic design. Bram Stoker’s illustrations come to life in this chilling scene – a reminder that dreadful secrets lurk in the corners, waiting to be uncovered. Don’t be afraid to plunge into the depths of the unknown… if you dare.

Initial prompt: This image depicts a hidden and dark creature lurking in the shadows of an abandoned mansion, set in a dank and haunted graveyard. The eerie and sinister atmosphere is palpable, as decaying trees line the entrance, and crumbling stone statues gaze out of the darkness. The muted, grey color palette and macabre gothic styling evoke terror, as if one of Bram Stokers illustrations brought to life. Captured with an eye for horror, this image carries the nightmarish reminder that dark secrets lurk in the shadows, waiting to be disturbed.
Seed: -1

Key Parameters:
FPS: 30
Model: dreamlike_diffusion_1.0
Max Frames : 1000
Animation Mode : 3D
Scale : 12.0
Steps : 100
Diffusion Cadence : 10

You can find more information about the parameters used to generate this video at the end of the video.

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AI used to generate the video: Stable Diffusion
AI used to generate the music: Mubert

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Stable Diffusion is a machine learning, text-to-image model to generate digital images from natural language descriptions. The underlying approach was developed at LMU Munich and then extended by a collaboration of StabilityAI, LMU, and Runway with support from EleutherAI and LAION. The model can be used for other tasks too, like generating image-to-image translations guided by a text prompt.

Mubert users can instantly generate an audio track of a specific length, genre and mood, using Mubert Render, effectively customizing music more than ever before.
Users can also select from the large database of carefully categorized music tracks, pre-selected by our staff. With more than 100 genres to choose from and a wide selection of attributes to help you find the right tracks, Mubert helps expedite the creative process.

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