Uncovering the mysteries of Destroyed and Abandoned Van Slyke Castle with my Dog

In this video Spot and I explore the now abandoned Van Slyke Castle. This mansion was built in the early 1900’s by a wealthy stockbroker named William Porter. The mansion was built atop Fox Hill and named “Foxcroft” by Porter. When he died in 1911 he left the property to his wife Ruth who later remarried a man named Warren Van Slyke. Ruth died in 1940 and the castle sat vacant for many years, eventually being sold. In 1959 with the mansion derelict, it was destroyed by a fire. Eventually the property was seized and became part of the Ramapo Mountain State Forest. Today it is a public attraction that you can hike to.

We saw several groups of people, with and without dogs. There were no bears or other wildlife to speak of. But I carry bear spray just in case.

Shot on Go Pro Hero 8 Black and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Edited in iMovie.

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