TV Show Hosts $3,000,000 Abandoned Mansion (Found Jewelry & Designer Clothes)

TV Show Hosts $3,000,000 Abandoned Mansion (Found Jewelry & Designer Clothes)

Hey everyone today explores is a video had backed up and thought it was such a cool video I had to show you guys it! This abandoned house that is built into the side of a mountain and located right on the water, had an estimated value (from Zillow lol) of $2,980,000. Assuming this is because of its location because the house is 4,200 square foot but has an odd layout and is mainly built vertical, almost like an inner city home. This house was owned by Jerry Penacoli a known tv host, actor and entertainer for many years. Its said the house was left vacant in the early 2000’s and then later abandoned a couple years later. In This explore we find jewelry boxes a leather coat from Barneys (designer store) that was worth a ton of money and not to mention just everything that was left behind!


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