This Abandoned Mansion has Been Sitting Untouched for Over a Decade!!

This Abandoned Mansion has Been Sitting Untouched for Over a Decade!!
Fire in the Hole

This abandoned mansion has been sitting abandoned and mostly forgotten for the last 11 years. In 2011 a three-alarm fire broke out in the basement of the home and was likely caused by electrical failure. After leaving the basement, the fire managed to work its way up to the roof of the home and the fire fighters cut a hole into the roof to help vent some of the smoke. The damages were estimated at about $500,000 over 10 years ago and that number would surely be higher today. Since then the house had been mostly gutted right down to the studs leaving only the staircases, fireplaces and bathrooms intact. The house sold a few years later for close to $8,000,000 and has continued to sit abandoned and forgotten ever since!!

I have visited a few fire damaged homes over the years and most recently another mansion that had a similar blaze to this one in that it was an electrical fire that started in the basement, likely in the sauna room. Surprisingly this house did not smell like smoke at all and the roof had since been patched up to keep the elements out. Only time will tell what happens to this house but given the area and the price tag, it will likely be demolished to be replaced by an even larger McMansion in the future.

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