This $40 Million Dollar Mansion is Abandoned With A Secret Bunker

This $40 Million Dollar Mansion is Abandoned With A Secret Bunker
Today, we’re exploring what was at one time, the most expensive mansion in all of Canada.

Listed at nearly $40,000,000, this now vacant mansion comes with its own built in entirely self-sufficient emergency bunker.

The mansion, which was built by and lived in by a real estate developer who made his fortune in Canada building suburban homes, office towers and shopping malls is a 28,000 square foot french inspired chateau with 14 washrooms, 10 bedrooms, 7 wood burning fireplaces, a 50 foot indoor pool – and did I mention the bunker?

This massive mansion has been visited by prime ministers, Hollywood royalty, held extravagant parties and has been featured in several movies and television shows.

Join me as I explore and guide you through this massive abandoned mansion!

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$40 Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion With A Secret Bunker


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