The World’s Biggest Abandoned Mansion

The World’s Biggest Abandoned Mansion
It’s always interesting to check out the biggest home in a country. In Canada, that home just so happens to have been abandoned just moments before it was completed. The home now sits, almost complete, and rotting into the ground. This time, #RidiculousRealEstate explores the #PeterGrantMansion

Please make sure to check out @Bright Sun Films @Freaktographys Abandoned Exploring and @Riddim Ryder for more on the Peter Grant Mansion.
Here are their videos on the home:

0:00 – Background
1:53 – It’s Going Downhill, FAST
4:35 – Touring the Mansion
6:20 – A Modern Day Eyesore
7:58 – The Bigger Picture

Music used under Creative Commons license:

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This MANSION has a BEAUTIFUL back patio HIDDEN under years of NEGLECT!!!