The Beautiful Untouched Abandoned Farm House of Mrs. Anna (Belgium)

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Happy days were once lived here by Mrs. Anna, who was a farmer in heart and soul.
But once in her old age, this labour-intensive work also came to an end for her. Years passed, and eventually she lost her husband and lived a relatively solitary life in her tiny little farm house somewhere in Belgian lands. Fortunately, friends of hers came to visit every now and then. All this until 5 years ago, when Mrs. Anna moved to a nursing home where she subsequently died.
Since then, her house has stood abandoned, like a monument of her past life. It has remained completely frozen in time and all of its belongings have been left behind.
Let me take you to a magical place on Belgian grounds, where time has stopped.

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Abandoned Belgium: The Beautiful Untouched Abandoned Farm House of Mrs. Anna (Belgium)
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