The 120 Year Old Abandoned Mansion – Inside and Out

The 120 Year Old Abandoned Mansion – Inside and Out
Exploring 120 Year Old Historic Neoclassical Abandoned Mansion
The mansion was built back in 1904 and was located in Union Springs, Alabama. The house was originally known as the Rainer-Lewis Mansion. W.W. Rainer was one of the first settlers in union springs Alabama and not only did he live peacefully with the Native American Indians, but he learned and adopted many of their ancestral customs, such as living with them in a pitched tent near the natural springs just outside of the the city.
The mansions exterior certainly catches one’s eye with its Impressive yellow color and neoclassical revival design that featured an ample portico, romantic second story balcony, and it’s four massive Corinthian columns that line the front porch. The interior of the stately historic mansion features 12 rooms and measures at over 5,000 square feet. It also still features many of the original architectural details including; ornate stained glass windows, opulent brass fireplaces, wrought iron chandeliers, vintage pocket doors, a unique butler’s pantry, a grandiose central stairway, and hand-carved wooden details throughout.

Big thank you to @abandoned_southeast for the photos! Check out his website for more images.

Rest In Paradise Rebecca. You are truly loved and missed by everyone.

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