SOLO Overnight Camping In Canada’s LARGEST ABANDONED Mansion – Night of Horrors ! Ep. 4

Today I venture out alone on my fourth solo journey to an abandoned mansion deep in Northern Ontario. The plan is to explore the abandoned mansion, setup camp somewhere inside, and stay overnight. What starts out as a seemingly peaceful explore, quickly takes a creepy turn as the sun begins to set. Being woken up by strange voices in the middle of the night, I am thrown into survival mode for a night I won’t forget.
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Special Thanks to Jake Williams from Bright Sun Films for additional photography:

Time Stamps:
0:00 – 0:33 – Alone intro
0:34 – 2:30 – Entry into abandoned mansion
2:31 – 15:35 – Daytime Exploration
15:36 – 16:30 – Setting up Camp
16:31 – 36:55 – Nighttime Exploration
36:56 – 38:20 – Morning Recap/Credits

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