SHE said She THOUGHT I WAS LYING when I asked to MAKEOVER this MANSIONS NIGHTMARE of a yard for FREE

THIS ABANDONED MANSION IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE WAS OUT OF CONTROL!!! So this is day 3 of restoring this abandoned mansions yard! I really underestimated this one, there is a lot of work that went into this one BUT nothings to crazy that I can’t handle. Just like with any crazy goal that’s hard to achieve, All you have to do is knock it out little by little. start on the little things and those little things add up.. Next thing you know you look up and almost done!! Thats basically how I go through life, hopefully that can inspire y’all to set hard goals ands crush them… Theres not only 1 mansion on this property so I called @Cleanthecity and @LawnCareJuggernaut to knock out couple other mansions so check out their transformations as well. this is a awesome little series, I hope y’all enjoy!

here’s a video of me exploring the inside of this creep mansion if you wonders what it looks like in there

If you missed my first video of this series here it is, I makeover this awesome pool area…

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