She Lived Alone For 20 YEARS ~ Abandoned Mansion in Luxembourg

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Our modern world seems to be constantly on the move, but there are some places where time has permanently stopped and nobody seems to care about them anymore. This happened to the former house of the family Meus, after the last inhabitant Miss Susan passed away, there was nobody left to take care of the property and the time stopped forever. For the better part of 2 decades, Susan lived in this wonderful grand house all on her own. But there is something strange about this place, the lights still shimmer on the belongings that are left behind, in other words, the power is still working, this makes questions arise, who is still paying for it and why? Before it got abandoned this house used to be the home of a Luxembourgish family, they were the owners of a rather large convenience store in the center of town.
They even accommodated a deprived worker of the store to live in a special apartment inside their house. The family was well respected for it and received a lot of love from the citizens of the town.

Today we will try to answer the strange questions that arise around this home and solve its mystery.

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