Mansions No One Wants For Even $1

Anytime you can get a million dollar mansion for pennies on the dollar is a great deal! Here are 10 of the mansions that you can buy for as little as only $1 us dollar, but you definitely may not want!

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Ever wanted to live in San Francisco but thought it was too expensive? Dreamed of retiring in Italy but scared of the living costs? The time for worry is over because with just a single dollar in your pocket, these properties can be all yours!

Whenever you can pick up a million-dollar mansion for pennies, there’s usually a catch – at least one significant flaw. There’s a good reason why these houses are so cheap…

From party penthouses in New York with sinister reputations, to one of the country’s most geographically isolated properties, and even the famous former homes of controversial celebrities; strap in for a tour of the mansions you couldn’t even pay us to live in.

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Abandoned Mansion of Du Pont Family!

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