Inside Pablo Escobar’s $10 Million Abandoned Mansion

Inside Pablo Escobar’s $10 Million Abandoned Mansion
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By 1989, the notorious Pablo Escobar was worth an estimated $30 billion, and it was all dirty money – coming from leading one of the most powerful, destructive and famous crime syndicates in history: the Medellín cartel.

With incomprehensible piles of cash, and destructive power at his fingertips, Escobar led a life truly befitting of one of the world’s richest men. His garage was packed with expensive cars, he had 15 planes to his name, and his real estate portfolio was truly out of this world. The undisputed focal point – his pride and joy – was Hacienda Napoles, a multi-million-dollar estate in Puerto Triunfo.

For decades, the sprawling complex has sat abandoned, slowly being overrun by nature. Now, it’s been transformed into a modern-day tourist attraction, and the Escobar estate has slingshotted its way back into the public spotlight.

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