Inside Kenny Rogers Abandoned $15,000,000 Mega Mansion | Expensive Belongings Inside!

Inside Kenny Rogers Abandoned $15,000,000 Mega Mansion | Expensive Belongings Inside!
Nestled inside one of the most expensive neighborhoods in America, sits an abandoned $15,000,000 mega mansion once owned by the famous singer Kenny Rogers. However, now it is nothing more than a nuisance for neighbors as grass grows tall, and weeds start to form all around the property. Built back in 1990, and featured 6 beautiful bedrooms, along with over 15 thousand square feet of space inside. However, the mansion was sold by Kenny in 2006 to a wealthy Nigerian family who hosted many rappers for music videos inside such as 21 savage, Offset, and Russ. The town eventually got tired of everything happening inside the walls, and shut it down. Ever since 2018, the mansion has been suffering from signs of neglect, and has no definite future inside. Lets take a look at what’s left.

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