HAUNTED: PARANORMAL Activity CAUGHT! Top 8 Abandoned Mansions – Scary Videos

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All the interesting supernatural stories we know today come from folk and chest gazette, but we cannot claim even in today’s day and age that those ghost stories were not true especially the ones that come from folk.

Today, Ten Town is presenting a video on the Top 8 Abandoned & Haunted Mansions You Wont Want To Step In. We hope this information will give you another perspective and a WOW factor.

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Featured in today’s video:
0:00 Intro

0:59 Chaonei No. 81, Beijing
Known as Chaonei No. 81, this house was completed in 1910 and was reportedly built by the Qing imperial family as a church for British residents of Beijing.
These locals tell the visitors to not to enter this mansion because they spirit inside is agitated for what she has suffered under the roof of this place.

2:11 French Sultan Palace
The house at 716 Dauphine St is a classic French Quarter beauty with classic wrought-iron balconies and a large courtyard. The greatest mystery in the house was the Sultan’s demise when he was buried alive in the courtyard after his family and harem were sliced to pieces in a bloodbath by an unknown perpetrator.

3:31 Old Liu Family Mansion – Minxiong Ghost House(劉家古宅民雄鬼屋)
The Old Liu Family Mansion, commonly known as Minxiong Ghost House, is one of the most famous haunted locations in Taiwan. In the 1950s, The Liu family upped sticks and left the property for good. Some theories suggest that it is haunted by Japanese imperial army soldiers who died in a battle on the site.

4:39 Chateau Miranda, Belgium
Chateau Miranda mansion was built for the Liedekerke-Beaufort family in 1866, who relocated there following the French Revolution. It housed sick and orphaned children until 1980, after which it was abandoned. Common theories are that the emptiness of such a huge mansion invited many supernatural influences.

5:38 Villa De Vecchi, Italy
People make claims of hearing unusual noises at night even when there is no one inside.

6:18 Elda Castle, New York
You might be very surprised to know that this abandoned castle belongs to the owner of Abercrombie and Fitch. . It sat empty for a number of years following the couple’s deaths and fell prey to “damage from vandals including fires and paint poured on the marble floors,” according to Country Living.

7:13 Bannerman Castle, New York
In 1920, two years after Francis Bannerman’s death, 200 tons of ammunition exploded; parts of the house, including windows, were destroyed. Especially at night, you might have a heart attack if you visit this place in darkness of night.

7:53 The Sallie House, Atchison
Legend has it that the cause of all the mayhem at one of the most disturbing haunted houses in America stems from a little girl who was the victim of a botched appendectomy during a house call at the turn of the century.

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