Found an Abandoned Haunted Mansion: We Were NOT ALONE

Found an Abandoned Haunted Mansion: We Were NOT ALONE
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’re going to want to watch this video! In it, myself & my friend Annie go into an abandoned mansion and come back out with stories that will haunt your dreams. From strange noises to intelligent spirit responses , this video is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, make sure you watch this video! It’s full of spirit activity (One was a lady who had an aggressive tone and claimed she was the one to slamming the doors) What that lady spirit said was the most spine-tingling spirit voices you’ll ever hear.

The spirit uses energy broadcasting from the speaker. It catches the in-between. The shift that the spirit box is going through is the power source and it’s building. You can start running the spirit box and get nothing for awhile until they figure out how to understand it. It’s the transmission between the actual box and the speaker. They use the antenna as a microphone, they talk into it and the spirit box pulls the power from the antenna and brings it to the speaker. The sweeping of the stations causes white noise energy that calls and pulls them in. While the energy is in there, they are trying to talk through that energy They are trying to grasp it and run it through. You’ll get little words that are fast in one sweep or a whole sentence in multiple sweeps, it’s because the spirit is trying to figure out how to use it. The spirit box also produces radio waves, it’s energy too. The spirit is tying to catch that wave into the radio and when they catch it, they may say 5 words for example and the spirit box will funnel it down to one word instead. Lastly, that’s called spirit frustration, were a ghost is literally mad that it can’t get every word out but it’s trying. Everything has to do with energy. All the energy together, sweeping, white noise, broadcasting, radio waves all give the spirit enough to spit out words.
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00:00 What To Expect In This Video
00:29 Intro
00:59 Sneaking Inside The Mansion
01:47 Ground Floor Mansion Exploration
05:10 1st Paranormal Encounter
06:18 Upstairs Mansion Exploration
09:23 The Vibes Were Always Off
17:10 Outro

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