FAMILY VANISH Abandoned Mansion Untouched And Frozen In Time Gothic Architecture

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We explore an abandoned house with everything left behind, hidden high in the hills of North Portugal, under a blanket of mist and drizzle, it’s a crooked old villa that’s sat here for almost 100 years.

Built in 1931 by a deeply religious, wealthy family, it was intended not only to be a home, but a place to practice religion. A convent with accommodation for up to five nuns adjoins the main living quarters.
They worked, worshiped and slept here, including helping the family with the production of their wine.

In the east wing there sits a private chapel, their most important space of all.

Majestic, wonky and truly on the edge of collapse, its been 18 years and still no one returns, the communal bustle a distant memory, a peaceful silence in its place.

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