Family Disappeared – Abandoned Mansion With Everything Left Behind

Family Disappeared – Abandoned Mansion With Everything Left Behind
Urban Exploration: Untouched Abandoned Manor in the Czech Republic with Everything Still Inside

Secluded and lonely we discovered an abandoned manor-house in the rural part of the Czech Republic. On the last day of our road trip in May 2019, we were investigating the disappearing of a whole family. From one day to the next everything was simply left behind here some years ago and the residents of this big villa vanished into the night. Today, time stands still. It took us a while until we finally found an entrance but as we made it inside, we immediately set out on a search for clues. How is it possible that people leave their home permanently and neither take any valuables nor the items with sentimental value? Follow us to see what’s left behind and to hear the story of this fascinating but yet really strange place. #urbex #abandonedplaces #bwturbex

Urbex Hungary (2019) Episode 5 (English and German subtitles are available!)
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“Mammoth” – Sum It
“We Know How to Be a Mess (Instrumental Version)” – Luftmensch
“Weightless Again” – Rannar Sillard
“Tell Me a Story” – In Dawn
“From Here We Can See” – Rannar Sillard
“Break Apart” – Johannes Bornlöf
“Scribbled Notes” – Johannes Bornlöf
“Soft Discoveries” – Gavin Luke

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