Extreme Bathroom Floor Rescue

After months of searching for a way to recover their bathroom floor, Camilla and Ollie have at last found a way. Knowing they have no choice but to live with the tiles, they have discovered an extreme way of cleaning – don’t try this at home – that shifts decades and decades of dirt and damage. They are not allowed to change the tiles because they are in the process of obtaining the necessary documentation for the house but as this is going to take another year, they are doing what they can to improve what is the second worst room in the mansion and their only fully functioning bathroom! Well, almost fully functioning!

But it’s not all grime and graft, they head out to a glamorous carnival in Sitges on Saturday night and Camilla embarks on making some garden chairs beautiful as Spring is in the air.

And last but not least, Eduin and Veronica bring the two, three headed lady statues to the Magical Modernist Mansion so they can be seen in situ, in order to help Camilla and Ollie come to a decision. Which would you choose: Lady A or Lady B?!

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With enormous thanks to:
Eduin and Veronica Dam De Nogales
Sculptors – famous for numerous large scale public commissions.

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