Extravagant Abandoned Mansion of French Real Estate Tycoons – Fled the Country!

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In this week’s episode, we travel to France to explore and document the abandoned house of the family Ultraviolet. This was a very wealthy French family, who was in the business of real estate. They had properties all over the southern part of Europa. But there was a dark side to their business, not everything was done by the book and eventually, the government caught up to their fraud scheme. They had to pay millions and there was also a possible jail sentence attached to their crimes, in a split decision they decided to flee the continent. The possessions they once owned are still left behind inside of the mansion, we even found brand new scooters with ZERO kilometers on the odometer! We hope you are gonna enjoy this episode, thanks for watching X Lesley and Jordy X

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Abandoned House Abandoned Mansion Urbex Exploring

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