G’day folks, welcome back ☺️ in this video I will take you through this once diplomatic style mansion & show you a drop dead extravagant bathroom…

In January I explored this residence, when it was FRESHLY abandoned, & it looking like the occupants had left in a hurry! Now, going back several months later the mansion has been stripped of many of its features & scattered furniture that had been left. BUT…the stately bathroom is still intact…

00:00 Intro
01:01 Access point
02:05 Sussing out the location
02:34 Heading to the back
03:03 Pool area, BBQ & cabana
05:43 Access to the mansion
05:52 Downstairs bathroom
06:19 Sauna
06:45 Entertainment area
06:58 Bifold doors
07:35 Stunning bar area
08:43 Going upstairs
09:30 Bedroom
09:44 Extravagant Toilet – stained glass
10:20 Presidential bathroom – stained glass
12:15 Loungeroom columns
12:27 Formal Dining Room with table
13:08 Kitchen
13:47 Going upstairs
14:17 Bedroom
14:27 Bedroom
14:40 Pink Bathroom
15:07 Green Bathroom
16:04 Leaving the location

Music used in video:

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NOT ALONE! We were warned NOT to return here.

Abandoned Mansion