Exploring Abandoned Mansions In Branson, MO

Exploring Abandoned Mansions In Branson, MO
You won’t believe what happened when I forgot to stop recording!!!!

Located in Branson, Missouri, this was supposed to be a $1.6 BILLION project. The now infamous “Indian Ridge Resort” was to include vacation homes, a resort hotel, golf course, and the second largest indoor water park in the country. Unfortunately, construction of Indian Ridge began one year before the great recession of 2007, and the project was completely abandoned in 2009. Alongside this, the failure of the project ended up with three individuals sentenced to jail for committing bank fraud. Yikes.

More info:

UE – Whole Subdivision of Abandoned McMansions

Abandoned Mansions – Indian Ridge Resort Community Branson Missouri | Amazing Drone Footage

More details in fraud case related to failed Indian Ridge development

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