Exploring $6,000,000 Santa Fe Style Abandoned Mansion

Exploring $6,000,000 Santa Fe Style Abandoned Mansion
This vacant Santa Fe Style abandoned mansion was built in 1969.

Online research shows that the original owners passed away in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Following the passing of the owners, the home was listed for sale with a price tag of just over $6,000,000.

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Exploring a Six Million Dollar Santa Fe Style Abandoned Mansion

It was sold in 2020 for $600,000 below asking price, the purchaser of the property plans to demolish the house and had wanted to build a new home on the plot.

However, their initial application to do so was refused by the city/town due to objections by others who live nearby, they felt the new home would take away from the beauty of the neighborhood.

While some reports claim that this house will be demolished, I’m told that they may opt to renovate the home, try to submit a new plan, or even try selling it to another person who will appreciate it for its original design.

Credit to a guy named Josh G for the above info.

Join me as I explore this $6,000,000 Santa Fe Style Mansion

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