Exploring Johnny Depp’s Unfinished UK Million Pound Mansion!!

Exploring Johnny Depp’s Unfinished UK Million Pound Mansion!!
Today were exploring A LUXURIOUS £8 Million Mansion that was rumoured to be linked to a Hollywood megastar Johnny Depp and former England football captain John Terry!! The 22,000 sq mansion, which is set in 11 acres of beautiful english countryside began construction in 2004 but was never fully completed or occupied. It was only ever lived in when squatters took over temporarily in 2012. It was built as a substantial, exclusive residence complete with a host of features including a 34-seat cinema, 15-berth nuclear shelter, secret underground escape tunnel, underground aquarium, man-made lake, 50ft master bedroom and underground garage big enough for 10 cars!! It also had 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, seven kitchens and two-bedroom staff apartment. Unfortunately as we were leaving the boys In blue turned up as the alarm we set off was linked directly to the local police station! 😅 luckily we always stay legal so we were let go. But a word If warning guys please don’t visit this place now! It’s been completely sealed up by the owner! Hope you enjoy this weeks video guys 🙂

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