Enzo Ferrari Was His Relative! ~ 19th-century Abandoned Mansion

Enzo Ferrari Was His Relative! ~ 19th-century Abandoned Mansion
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If you can dream it, you can do it! 

That was the life motto of Mister Stalon Ferrari, the former owner of a wonderful 19th-century mansion, that is nestled straight in the middle of a picturesque Italian Mountain Town. Stalon was a descendant of the Italian Ferrari family, he even had rather close roots to the world-famous founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. He was a true jack of all trades, Stalon Graduated as an Accountant and worked in the field for many years, but after some time his father was stepping down as mayor and Stalon decided to jump on the opportunity and run for Mayor, and surprisingly enough he won the elections. After being mayor for many years, Mister Stalon wanted to change his career again, he went back to school and became a dentist. He finally found his lifelong passion and practiced it until the day he left planet earth. Mister Stalon didn’t live alone in his grand mansion, he also had a loving wife who took care of the many children they had together. In the year 1987, in the early morning mister Stalon passed away, he lived until the beautiful age of 90 years old. This seems to be also the time when the Mansion got abandoned, what happened to his wife and why the children don’t claim the house is a mystery that we will try to solve throughout this documentary. 

Get ready to travel back 4 decades into Italian History. 

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