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Welcome to the channel Codename code guys…
Enjoy the gameplay of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies map with no commentary…
So hop onto your favorite seat and enjoy this gameplay…


Our heroes found an abandoned mansion next to a railway line. But they are not alone… Can you uncover the secrets?

Hello and welcome to my next map! “Eingesperrt” (german for “Locked up”) map is a reinterpretation of an early custom zombies map called “FRUMansion”.
You can find the original map here:

This map features:

-Vanguard weapons
-MWR Viewhands
-A music easteregg
-No perk limit
-Comic perk shaders
-White Zombie Eyes
-Verrückt Runners
-Ambient Sounds

And remember:”Be careful not to open up both ways upstairs, you might cause early lunch time for the zombies!”

Beta Testers:
-PurpleRichy (A true bri’ish man)
-⌜©zσмвιє crαzy⌟
(If i forgot someone, please dm me)

-Scobalula (SAS Characters, Greyhound)
-Symbo (Samantha Music EE)
-DTZxPorter – (Wraith)
-ConvictioNDR (Challenges)
-TheSkyelord (Vanguard Weapons)
-Zeroy (WW2 and Vanguard Models)
-Mike Pence (Music Easteregg)
-Frost Iceforge (Zombie Eyes)
-Logical Edits (Graffiti Decals + Custom Perk Pack)
-Verko (PBR Materials)
-HTV (BO4 Blood Decals)
-TJ_UNDEADSLAYER (Zombie Barricades)

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