Disaster strikes twice at the Magical Modernist Mansion !

Can disaster really strike twice? Two electricity junctions explode causing a new set of challenges. But more critically, can Ollie maintain his modesty as he shows us how the shower really doesn’t work? But most importantly of all, can they make coffee this morning without tripping the house electrical system? Well, help is at hand because Ollie and Camilla now have a handy little power bank, sent to them from EcoFlow, which means they have lighting and electric blankets on the top floor, Ollie’s office (which no longer has power from the house electrical supply) can still function but most crucially, they can at least have a cup of coffee!

And this episode doesn’t just take you on a tour through the foibles of the Magical Modernist Mansion by night and by day, we take you on a magical bike ride from our home in Sant Pere de Ribes, to the riviera of Catalunya, Terramar in Sitges, showing you how these two towns connect and along the way, the ups and downs of electric bike versus mountain!

With thanks to EcoFlow for great customer care and for providing us with this very helpful power bank and solar panels.
We are using: 2 x 100W rigid solar panels together with the DELTA 2 power station (latest DELTA series product) as a backup power source.
Please ensure you check with EcoFlow the best product for your specific needs. We used this for lighting, electric blankets, coffee machine and computer. We didn’t use it for our plug in radiators because although it could work, the higher power usage would use up the battery much faster and so an additional power bank and solar panels would be much better.

Get double credits for every £1 you spend till 20 Feb, and redeem coupons for your future purchases in EcoFlow! Check DELTA 2 on:
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station
Facebook@ecoflowtech, Instagram@ecoflowtech, YouTube@EcoFlow

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