Dark Abandoned Satanic Mansion Hidden Deep in the Forest


Embedded deep inside a forest in Georgia, sits a Victorian-style mansion that was built in 1884. A family of six used to live here. The husband worked in the oil industry while the wife took care of the household and the children. The property immediately welcomes its visitors with a mysterious letter on a table in the main hall and two knives next to it. But why…?

And right over here at the main entrance, there is this very strange note saying: “Kalie, I love you Mom. I love you more. Kalie, there is now a game between us”. And then right next to it are two knives.

The woodwork in this place is going to be marvelous. A lot of furniture has been dumped here, stored around. But the furniture is really antique and beautiful. The tall Windows and the beautiful curtains. It somehow brings the European architecture vibe. There is not much to find about who lived here or anything. No pictures, no letters… only a lot of beautiful antique furniture and impressive woodwork. 

All those vintage items and kitchen equipment really educate us about the past and about how people used to live. And all of that in different areas of the world. Seeing it is such a blessing, a golden opportunity.

We found out one of the kids of the family was very troubled and had a thing for satanic worship. In her room, we found rebellious signs of upside-down crosses.

But that’s not the only gruesome thing about this place. Some of the beds have bloodstains on their mattresses, and whilst walking around in the mansion, stomping footsteps could be heard from a large creature in the attic.

Whoever once owned this place must have been a big family or a big group of people with so many different bedrooms and space to sleep.

In addition, some rooms contain obscure gothic paintings of children with big black eyes. 

This tucked-away property was last occupied in the mid-1980s and has been left to its own devices ever since.

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