An Abandoned Mansion Hidden Deep In The Forest

It’s all too often a family is torn apart over the very place that held them. A place of refuge, a place of so many beautiful memories is now tainted by the tragedy of greed. This is the story of Jack and Dorothy and the home that held their family.

Jack was born in 1914 and grew up in this country home his father built in the late 1800’s. He was always the go-getter type and believed he would one day be the mayor of this small Georgia town. After marrying Dorothy, his high school sweetheart, his father gifted the newlyweds the house to raise a family in.

But tragically, the happy couple suffered the loss of two of their children.. one of them only an infant. And through their grief, they held each other together with the love they shared and overcame the obstacles of despair; Jack going on to being elected as mayor, and Dorothy raising their 6 other children at home. 

As time went on, the children all grew up and moved away while Jack and Dorothy lived out their years in the home that held their family for so long. 

But in 1992, sadly, Jack died at the age of 78, leaving behind his estate to Dorothy.. but not long after Jack died, Dorothy passed away without leaving an official will for her children despite the verbal agreements on how their inheritance would be split. 

And although this beautiful home held a love story that lasted for decades, it too, was laid to rest after the children entered a drawn out legal battle with one another failing to come to agreement on how to divide the estate. 

And now, like the vines that have swallowed this once beautiful place, the unrelenting nature of greed consumes everything in its path- a family that once was, the home that held them together, and the love story of Jack and Dorothy. 

Furniture still here looks like this is already a really beautiful place with a big rug in the middle of the floor. The cabinet is full of old Christmas lights and VHS tapes.

The dining room has the dining room table and a fireplace and again so much antiques in there. At one point there was a really beautiful chandelier that hung over the dining room table.

A beautiful little kitchen with the sunlight looks like coming through full and natural decay paint. It looks almost like art. All the kitchen supplies and cooking seasonings were all left behind.

Wally Cleaver family photos on the refrigerator. In the cabinet, there are lots of cool mugs and much stuff is still left on the inside. Feel like there’s so many stories in this house.

This beautiful piano is still left behind and it sounds like all the keys still work on it. This piano is in amazing condition for sitting in a house like this that’s so dilapidated.

There’s definitely a little girl who used to live in this room. These clothes were probably made by the family members or someone in the family. A Shelf with books, a fishbowl plant ball, more bugs, a globe which is very detailed. On the walls, there are some artwork that they drew and a big piece of art that used to make believe hang over the fireplace mantle. There’s so many stories in this house and she’s a very artistic girl with quite an imagination as most kids are and somehow we lose it over time and we kind of lose that childlike sense of wonder.

The master bedroom of the house with a bunch of car magazines. There’s so many windows in this house but now it’s all just a thick forest that’s grown up all around.

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