Alcohol Cost Him Everything ~ Abandoned Mansion Of A Disoriented Farmer

Alcohol Cost Him Everything ~ Abandoned Mansion Of A Disoriented Farmer
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Mister Martin lived in this grand Luxembourgish farm together with his six children and his wife Mariel. They were known as the happy farming family because they were always seen together and participated in and organized lots of activities around the charming historic village. Unfortunately, his wife passed away early on in their relationship, this left him to care alone for his 6 children at first he managed. But over time the burden got too high for him and he grabbed towards alcohol to cope with his problems, this lead to a spiral of abuse and addiction where he never recovered from… His children left him one by one until he eventually had nobody left to take care of him. In the fall of 2011, Mister Martin was rushed to the hospital for an alcohol overdose from which he never recovered. The children don’t seem to care about the house he had left behind, the resale value is slim to none in this remote part of Luxembourg, so ever since his passing it has been slowly withering away until Mother Nature claims it for herself once again.

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