Actress disappeared: Abandoned Mansion & Hotel left behind

Abandoned Italy (Season 3, Episode 01) Hotel Coccinella

As urban explorers, we research history that would otherwise just be forgotten. Once alive but empty today, abandoned sites experienced the untold – like the overgrown property in this video. Once, this compound was the playground of a diva, a film actress who retreated into solitude. A hidden stone cottage in the grove is the key to understanding the big picture. And so, we rediscovered history that almost was forgotten. The opening episode of Abandoned Italy’s third season is a final tribute. Join us again as we uncover the untold! #urbex #abandonedplaces #bwturbex

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00:00 – Intro
02:41 – The last guests of the hotel
06:15 – Exotic expedition
09:35 – A hidden mansion
11:31 – The truth about the last resident
13:46 – A secret talent
16:46 – How it ended
20:12 – Mold everywhere
22:53 – Freedom
25:03 – New urbex magazine: TrèsPas

“Coney Island Memories” – Luella Gren
“Deer Hunt” – Bonnie Grace
“4 Course Meal” – Matt Large
“Wash” – Timothy Infinite
“Ode To The Moon” – Joseph Beg
“Lanterns” – Hushed
“And We Walk After” – Trevor Kowalski
“Beloved” – Gavin Luke
“Bring Back Tomorrow” – Hushed
“Rowing Rivers” – Guustavv
“Them Stories” – SINY

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