Abandoned Mysterious Mansion Hidden In The Woods ~ Family Disappeared

Abandoned Mysterious Mansion Hidden In The Woods ~ Family Disappeared
Just on the edge of a small village in Eastern France, lies a mysterious secret within the woods…

A forgotten mansion, perfectly hidden, has been sitting abandoned for over 30 years. No one seems to know the story of who lived here, what happened to the family that caused them to leave, and why all their things are still inside.. like a memorial to the lives that once possessed them.

Like so many places I’ve explored, It’s rumored throughout the village to be haunted… After all, it’s no less a mystical experience to walk throughout a forgotten home that’s been standing since the 1600’s… perhaps its sacredness can’t be explained… but only felt.

Despite the superstition surrounding this place, I set out to film this As beautiful mansion with the intention of piecing together some sort of story and maybe even finding clues as to why it was abandoned so long ago.

So come with me on this exploration… and let’s explore this place together in hopes of answering some of the questions surrounding this mysterious mansion.

I’m Jeremy and I’m an abandoned explorer, film maker, and storyteller. I document all of my explorations from around the world to shed light into the dark and beautiful world of decay. Follow my adventures at:



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Gear used for this video:
– Sony α7 IV
– Sony G Master 12-24 f/2.8
– DJI Mavic Air 2s

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