ABANDONED Massive Hotel on a PRIVATE ISLAND With EVERYTHING Still Inside !

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Today we explore a very unique abandoned hotel and resort with everything left behind! This amazing location appears frozen in time from the hotel rooms to the abandoned country club! This is one of those explores with a dark past that caused the Melrose Resort to be abandoned with everything still inside! The mega resort was abandoned several times over the years and exchanged hands with multiple owners, and through massive fraud it was seized by the government where its now left abandoned for good. Join us as we explore what they left behind.
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Special thank to my friends Jake and Zach for their help with this explore!:

Time Stamps:
0:00 – 0:42 – Introduction
0:43 – 1:37 – The Trip There
1:38 – 2:54 – Athletic Greens
2:55 – 4:20 – What’s Left on the Main Floor
4:21 – 6:50 – Plenty of Decay
6:51 – 8:55 – Creepy Kitchen
8:56 – 10:24 – Hotel Rooms
10:25 – 12:35 – The Map House
12:36 – 16:40 – The Island House
16:40 – 17:53 – Outtro

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We will continue to release a new abandoned places explore every week, so stay tuned!

Uncharted Travel 2023.

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