Abandoned Mansion Pt1 | MADDOG’S MONUMENTS | Minecraft Single Player Survival (1.12.2 Java/PC)

Time to start our third Monument – an abandoned mansion!!
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Welcome to MADDOG’S MONUMENTS – my single player survival Minecraft series. In this series I focus on building monuments – beautiful and imposing builds rich with lore and wonder. If you are looking for a survival Minecraft let’s play with unique, creative builds and story telling, this series is for you.

Each of my builds will likely take 3-4 eps after which I will take a week’s break to gather resources. The builds may not always be functional, some will be purely aesthetic and full of lore about Old Gods, ancient Orders and tales of previous Ages.

If you are looking for something a little more redstone and technical, check out my Monuments: Behind the Scene series. In my Behind the Scenes series I will focus on building the “infrastructure” for the world – farms, machines, redstone and more.

Also check out my other Minecraft series on the World of Otium server and all my indie game content.

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Monuments: Behind the Scenes Playlist:

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