Abandoned Mansion of a Wealthy Italian Family

Abandoned Mansion of a Wealthy Italian Family
Abandoned Mansion of a Wealthy Italian Family / Episode 3 of our Italy Series

This once luxurious mansion now sits abandoned, isolated and deserted, behind an old crumbing facade, in a small village in rural Italy. The home has long been neglected and seemingly forgotten about, but often times these places hold the mysteries of what happened and why it became abandoned.
The villa, referred to as the golden villa, was no different.
It dates back to the early 1800s and was busting with energy and life for most of its existence.
The last family to live in the majestic manor were wealthy and influential, however approximately, 20 years ago that family seemed to have vanished with all of their belongings and possessions left behind
Exploring this time capsule was both unbelievable and incredible, as the entire property was loaded with everything and anything the family would have needed to live day to day.
Throughout the entire time we were Exploring The villa, we couldn’t help but to think of where the family could be and most importantly, why did they leave all of their stuff behind.
Once we made our way inside, the abandoned villa sure didn’t disappoint as we were all completely taken back by just how gorgeous and intact the home really was.
The interior decor was a sheer contrast to the plain mundane exterior of the villa. The rooms inside of the golden villa were phenomenal, certainly living up to its nickname.
The main floor featured a beautiful living room with vintage and antique furniture, a collapsing fireplace, and a hand-painted fresco covered the entire ceiling.
The bedrooms were all just as impressive, as they still had the ornate wooden beds, hand-carved armoirs, paintings and portraits still hanging, and other personal items scattered about. After exploring and spending a couple hours sifting through the families various documents, slides, photographs, and paperwork, we felt that the villa was largely abandoned because the family children had all grown up and had moved on with their lives, and the last person living at the golden villa eventually passed away, leading to its current state of disrepair.
Italy’s golden villa was a one of those locations that reinforce why we love to explore. It had the history, it had the architecture, it had the beauty, it had the decay, it had the time capsule, and it had the mission that we had to commit to in order for us to get inside to document this gorgeous home.
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