Abandoned Mansion And Hotel Of A French Drug Producer *In Prison Now*

Abandoned Mansion And Hotel Of A French Drug Producer *In Prison Now*
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This week we explored an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere somewhere in France. This was a true family business given over from father to son and stayed this way for years. It was a small mansion with a bed and breakfast attached to it. Only a couple of guests could sleep in this place at a time (approximately 10 guests).

It was a great family business for years on end but after some time the business started to decline and the family got in some financial troubles. They were very desperate and tried everything they could to revive the business. In a desperate attempt to survive the man decided to start growing and selling marijuana. For some time he got away with it but he got caught eventually and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. To this date, he still remains in prison and his hotel and mansion lay abandoned and forgotten. All the belongings were left behind and the family was not allowed to retrieve anything from the mansion or hotel. To this date, the place still lays abandoned and is a true time-capsule into the past. In the garage of the place, we found a remaining marijuana plant.

Join us on this adventure throughout this place and see what these people have left behind. Have fun watching this video Xx Lesley and Jordy xX

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Abandoned Mansion and Hotel Of A French Drug Producer *In Prison Now*

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