Explorers this is the biggest and craziest explore to hit my channel exploring the abandoned drug lords mansion. The house was rented out for 5,000 pounds a month to london based criminals. The man who owned the mansion was also married to Cliff Richards song writer who was awarded the mansion in a divorce settlement. Explorers we also found a secret door hidden in the library which was a first for me. also check out everyone’s channel below to see a different view. Also a huge thanks to Flex for showing this place and Dan for letting me stay at his place.

Documenting the decay of abandoned buildings, forgotten places, theme parks, mansions and theatres. Join me on my adventures as I capture my passion for urban exploring also known as urbex
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Exploring The Worlds Most Haunted Prison


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James Corden, Abandoned, 8.5 Million Pound Mansion, Urbex

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