ABANDONED $4 MILLION 15th Century Mansion ~ EVERYTHING Left Inside!!!

ABANDONED $4 MILLION 15th Century Mansion ~ EVERYTHING Left Inside!!!
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In today’s episode, we’re stepping inside of an abandoned castle just a few hours outside of Paris, France.
More than likely, this castle was originally built by a French nobleman during the early Renaissance period and at the time, it was one of the largest castles in France, boasting 15 bedrooms, 11 stables, a great dining hall and a full time staff of servants and cooks to work for the family.

Throughout the years, it changed owners many times until it was finally abandoned in 2003 when the last known family to live here, suddenly moved away and left everything inside after the father of the family died.

And for nearly 2 decades, it’s remained a mystery why they left all of their belongings sealed inside this majestic place they once called home. So join me as I venture into this secret 15th century castle to step back in time and find out what’s still left inside.

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