ABANDONED 1600’s Mansion With EVERYTHING Left Inside ~ Frozen In Time

Just on the outskirts of a small remote village in Southern France is an abandoned 17th century chateau hidden in the woods.

The wealthy and influential family who lived here known as the Bully family, owned much of the land in the surrounding areas, possessing a small agricultural empire but sometime during the industrial period, the Bully family shifted their focus from agriculture to the hotel industry proving to be widely lucrative over the years to come.

The last known family and heir to this beautiful home was a man and his wife along with their one and only daughter. The daughter moved away and later on, the mother died of pneumonia sometime during the 1990s, leaving the old man alone in the house he lived in his entire life.

Although I don’t know how or when he eventually passed away, I can only speculate he died sometime during the early 2000’s, leaving this once renowned chateau completely abandoned and frozen in time.

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