A Look Inside This Incredible Abandoned Mansion

A Look Inside This Incredible Abandoned Mansion
In today’s video we’re going to take you to an amazing huge abandoned mansion just outside of Turin Italy. The villa is one of the more famous abandoned locations within Italy and is often referred to by the name “Villa Carpeneto.”
Being fully aware that the abandoned mansion was actually connected to an active residence, we stayed fully alert as we wandered around the villas numerous rooms, snapping photographs of all the immense intricate architectural details, and just absorbed it all in.
After all, locations like this do not exist in America.
Villa Carpeneto is notable for having some of the most complex and sophisticated plaster work and hand-painted details throughout all of Italy. The villa was just as breathtaking in person as we had seen online. The villa was over 100 years old and featured a decorated coffered ceilings, stone columned balconies, gorgeous fireplaces, aquatic themed plaster, and had brilliantly designed frescos adorning the walls.
The experience at this abandoned mansion will forever remain one of our favorite explores.
For more photographs from Villa Carpeneto and from our other locations, check out Thank you for all the support.

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